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How to tackle the challenges of mass recruitment after the coronavirus pandemic

Changes in the job market are mainly driven by unexpected circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many employers to reduce their workforce while the unemployment rate has started to rise significantly. Following the two critical waves of the pandemic and lower demand for staff, job portals are now experiencing a revival. The HR departments of large companies, as well as HR agencies are soon expected to be up to their ears in the process of hiring new employees. How can the recruitment of such large quantities of workers be managed in the quickest and most efficient way?

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Choose advanced solutions

One of the options would be to hire five more recruiters. In the days when time is the most deciding factor, a much simpler and smarter alternative is the automation of as many processes as possible. Making use of artificial intelligence in the HR industry is currently one of the cheapest solutions available. Instead of financing the salaries of extra staff, you’d only need to pay for the software. It will perform a lot of processes for you or make them so much simpler that you can save a lot of time for more important things. Today’s HR software products provide the automation of recruitment and carry out various processes, such as:

  • quantitative candidate analysis and evaluation of their suitability for a given position
  • testing applicant’s skills and result processing
  • acquiring information about candidates from available portals
  • processing CV’s received in your mailbox and their upload to the database
  • mass advertisement of job offers
  • document processing
  • mass replies to job applications
  • virtual communication with candidates and much more.

Artificial intelligence is, of course, unable to outperform some professions and will never fully replace human workforce. Surely, though, even highly skilled HR workers with many years of experience will appreciate any innovation that would help them to sail through the challenges of mass recruitment.

Mass recruitment made easy with RECRU

The use of these, as well as many other features can be enjoyed within RECRU HR Software which is tailor-made for mass hiring. Thanks to artificial intelligence, RECRU offers sophisticated functions that will help you to reduce the time spent on your recruitment process to a third. It offers fully automated and digitized processes which let you master each step of the selection procedure with a few clicks and within a few seconds. The advanced technology of RECRU can make a lot of processes so much simpler that you will tackle them 50% faster. Give a chance to the artificial intelligence of RECRU and take a look at how mass hiring will become a piece of cake for you.



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