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We have been in the personnel business for over 8 years and we have mediated over 20 thousand job contracts all over Europe. Our clients are companies that are looking for high quality people and recruiters who need to manage HR effectively with sophisticated tools. We provide efficient tools and tailor them to our client’s needs.

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8 years
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I have been writing the story of developing RECRU HR software with your team since 2012. Before that, I worked in HR, namely recruitment. I was always looking for ways how to make processes more effective during that time, until I decided to find my own way through developing a software and investing all of my time into it. This experience helps in the identification of our clients’ needs and in communication with them. I always try to move the quality and innovation in our company further to meet the demands of the market and the development of new technologies. I like to look at why and how things work the way they do and how to improve them and make them more effective.

Slavo Fulek
Slavo Fulek, CEO

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I have been at the center of creating the successful HR software RECRU from its beginning. Before this opportunity, I was programming the success of other companies. It has always been my dream to create my own software and build my own successful company. Communication and feedback from our clients is what motivates me to work on constant improvements of RECRU. Increasing quality and keeping up with current technological trends are my priority.

Miroslav Šmida
Miroslav Šmida, CTO

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