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How to make sure that a recruiter doesn’t become an admin assistant

The work of a recruiter would be ideal if it only consisted in searching for candidates and conducting job interviews with them. Each job has its less fun aspects, though. In the HR industry, paperwork is one of them.

man in shirt and tie leaning his forehead on one hand and writing with the other and in front of him are piles of documents

Administrative assistant searching for employees

Yes, your guess is right. We are talking about recruiters. Nowadays, there is hardly any job that does not involve administrative duties, though. That’s even more true for the recruitment process as each new job application implies lots of new data to be processed by a recruiter. Reading and sorting CV’s, manual insertion of data into poorly-arranged spreadsheets, other routine paperwork, responding to emails and so on. On average, administrative tasks take up 3 to 4 hours of recruiters’ time per day. If you don’t have an admin assistant whose job is to help you with these routine activities, you have no other choice but to do it yourself. Or do you?

Leave administration to software

In the HR industry, the constant technological advancement continues at a brisk pace. Sophisticated features of various HR software products can help you to reduce the time spent on paperwork to a third. Such software may perform these routine tasks even without your presence, or you might be only a few clicks away from having all the data automatically processed.

Expert (not only) on paperwork

Nowadays, there are hundreds of HR software products which make personnel management easier. If you are, however, looking for the quickest way to free yourself from administrative chores and gain more time for interviewing candidates, RECRU HR Software is the best administrative helper then. How long would it take you to read an applicant’s resume, write down all the data into spreadsheets and maintain records of all the necessary documents? With RECRU, it will take you a few seconds. RECRU will automatically upload CV’s from your mailbox, organize their content and, without your presence, create a well-arranged candidate database that you have no chance to lose track of. All this is done within 0.07 seconds. You won’t be wasting your time with individual document processing either. RECRU lets you create a template where the data is automatically personalized – and you can send it to your candidates in bulk. And the list of features is far from being complete. RECRU also offers GDPR management, automatic replies to job applications, testing, automatic evaluation of tests and questionnaires and much more. Say ‘no’ to becoming an admin worker and save more than 30% of your time which you can use on more important tasks. Get RECRU and become a real recruiter.



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