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All your communication in one place: webmail, phone calls, SMS, mass mailing, skype, chat, social media and many others

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RECRU - Communication


Each new contact and each new address is imported into the system and paired with the appropriate groups of contacts. The clear scheme allows the communication to be faster.

An intelligent management of all your contacts and a connection to the external services and social networks.


If you want to look at the communication history with individual subjects you worked with, you can find it organized and attached to their profiles.

Every new contact is being saved to an applicant or to a client in the database.The backup of all contacts and correspondence is automatic.


Do you need to email dozens of people? Create quick and clear templates to make your job easier.

You can have all your electronic invites, event information, appeals, offers and other schemes ready to send whenever you need them.


Do you need to find something quickly and to the point? Do you need to approach only a certain group? You set the criteria and RECRU will help you with the selection.

You can create your own sorting criteria. Your clients and candidates need individual approaches.

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