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Let automation help you save your time

Is your selection procedure lagging behind due to manual data administration?

Free yourself from lengthy CV sorting and manual insertion of data into poorly arranged spreadsheets and make use of the fully automated processes of the RECRU Starter package. A candidate database of any size can be created in RECRU even without your presence. Moreover, this database is automatically updated every time you receive a new CV or motivation letter in your mailbox. Another unique feature of RECRU is our own AI CV parser which can read the content of a CV and sort it into fields such as name, contact details etc. How brilliant!

And we have made it even easier for you. Thanks to keywords – or the so-called tags, finding the required information in your database will take you less than a second. Take advantage of the automated processes of the RECRU Starter package and save up to 30% of your time.

Get RECRU Starter for free for 30 days here.


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