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RECRU gets recognized at GoodFirms as one of the best recruiting software

Providing efficient HR tools and tailoring them as per the client’s business needs endows RECRU amongst the top recruiting software enlisted at GoodFirms.

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About RECRU:

Founded in 2011 and based in Bratislava, RECRU has been in the personnel business for more than eight years and has mediated 20k+ job contracts worldwide. RECRU provides services to business people looking for high-quality professionals and recruiters who effectively manage HR with sophisticated tools.

The CEO at RECRU, Slavo Fulek, proudly mentions that he was always looking for ideas on making methods more effective during his working period with recruitment. Ergo, he decided to find his way through developing software and investing all of his time into it. Slavo’s experience helps his team identify the clients’ needs and communicate with them.

In addition to this, Slavo always tries to enhance the company’s quality and innovation further to meet the market demands and the development of new technologies. He likes to study why and how things work the way they do and improve them by making them more useful.

What Makes RECRU Unique?

Getting an alliance with RECRU clients can perform their administrative tasks and repetitive tasks with advanced AI and sophisticated functions. The following features make RECRU unique:

  • With RECRU, business people find everything in one place. RECRU is not just a recruitment system, but it will also help business owners manage their company’s HR department effectively.

  • It displays the necessary information with a single click. The database offers clients a list of all contacts they have been in touch with, like employees, candidates, clients.

  • It helps create selection procedures as per the organizational need. It helps set the requirements, invites their colleagues, manages, and follows their projects’ progress.

  • Moreover, it creates templates of all documents needed by the clients. Creating mass contracts and other documents have never been this easy. When you create a template, the data about employees will be loaded into the papers with a single click.

  • RECRU helps companies to keep GDPR consents under control. It tracks approval expiration toward all employees and candidates. It automatically sends approval requests and consent renewal requests and informs business approvals about the candidates whose GDPR consent has expired.

  • RECRU automatically tests and assesses which applicants meet the necessities of clients’ projects and saves their time.

  • RECRU saves the time spent on publishing job offers. It publishes owners’ job offers with a single click to online portals and social media sites such as Jobs, Kariéra, LMC, LinkedIn, Facebook, or their company website.

  • Besides this, RECRU integrates artificial intelligence. All it needs is to insert CVs, and RECRU will read them and interpret their content and display all suitable candidates when entering a keyword.

  • It keeps track of everything in the client’s database, whether it is directly from LinkedIn or candidates they have in their system. You can also create a candidate’s profile in RECRU with a single click. All they need to do is drop the candidate’s CV into the plugin.

  • RECRU has the feature to set the criteria which are crucial for business people. Using tags, business owners can search and filter candidates. It selects tags relevance or seniority for their selection procedures. The system will also acknowledge synonyms and find suitable candidates in the database within a second.

  • When uploading a CV, fostering letter, or contact details, the system automatically identifies contacts, names, and other data and sorts them into particular categories.

  • It saves the time spent keeping contacts and managing them whenever needed. Recruiters can dial a phone number or send mass SMS messages using RECRU. When they have an incoming call from an applicant, they can open their profile with a single click to see all information about the applicant straight away.

  • It also provides online tests in the recruitment process, with which the recruiters can create tests or use external tests from TCC online. The HR team can send the test to candidates with a single click, and all data will be registered in the system.

  • It shares everything recruiters need within their company colleagues. Intranet serves as a board of business statements and library of all regulations, guidebooks, and other information. It shares documents, statistics, current news, or contact each other in discussion groups.

  • With RECRU, recruiters can get a well-arranged overview of their work.

  • Recruiters can make use of modules such as event statistics, HR team efficiency, or project statistics. They can also create specific statistics tailored as per their company’s needs.

  • It helps to keep track of employees’ working time. The calendar works as a standard coordination tool for the whole team. The calendar event also includes clients’ contacts, so they don’t need to waste time doing a different search if they want to, for instance, updating info about a meeting.

  • Whether business people are a developing company or a corporation, RECRU’s team is ready to serve as per their requirements. The team will adjust RECRU to clients’ needs and rules. Working methods, modules, and visual components will be customized as per businesses’ specifications.

  • RECRU provides all communications such as e-mail, phone calls, SMS, mass mailing, Skype, chat, social media networks making business people’s processes smooth and flawless.

  • RECRU easily links with the company’s employee attendance system or accounting system using API or XML feed.

Thus, offering support whenever needed using e-mail, chat, or telephone endows RECRU as one of the best recruiting software at GoodFirms and the review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality service offering rendered by the team RECRU.

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