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Personality is just as important as qualifications and skills

A lot of recruiters still follow the rule “The better formal qualifications and practical skills a candidate has, the better fit he or she is for the company.” They may hire an applicant based on this rule even if there was someone else at the job interview who they were more interested in.

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Skills are not everything

Unfortunately, such situations don’t only occur in companies which need to recruit a lot of employees at once and have no time to properly screen each applicant during the interview. The fight for a job vacancy is then often won by a candidate with the longest CV. It’s true that good qualifications and skills are a stepping stone for everyone’s career, but they don’t automatically guarantee success. It is because of differences in personality why two people with the same qualifications can make a very distinct contribution to a company. The success stems from the combination of knowledge and practical skills together with the right personality traits, values and opinions.

Observe personality traits

A lot of recruiters don’t place enough emphasis on learning about the candidate’s personality during a job interview. What might happen is that, although a newly hired employee has great computer skills, his bad temper will have a negative impact on the team ethics, workplace discipline, as well as the overall prosperity of a company. During a job interview, it’s important to not only take notice of the qualities related to professional experience, but to also observe the candidate’s behavior. In this way, you can easily discover how the applicant can handle stressful situations, whether he or she is resourceful, thoughtful and much more. Don’t forget, however, that good training might help them to eventually gain the required skills. So don’t be afraid to follow your intuition as well.

Psychodiagnostic testing for busy recruiters

If getting to know your candidates is important for you, but you simply don’t have enough time to identify their personality traits during a job interview, make use of psychodiagnostic testing. This kind of testing is available within the RECRU HR Software which allows you to detect personality strengths and weaknesses of a candidate even before the interview. In RECRU, you can create your own tests or take advantage of external psychodiagnostic tests which you simply send to a candidate and, within a second after a test is filled out, RECRU automatically evaluates it and provides a well-arranged output. Using this sophisticated way of testing will help you to triple the amount of time you can save and to avoid lengthy manual test evaluation and result processing. Place emphasis on personality when hiring and gain more efficient and satisfied employees with the use of RECRU.


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