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A well-written job advert is the first step to successful recruitment

Your job ad has been published on job portals for weeks, but you still haven’t found the right candidate? Are you wondering why? Maybe it’s to do with the very beginning of the whole process – your job advert.

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Don’t try to catch everyone’s attention

If you believe that the goal of job advertisement is to bring loads of candidates to your office, have a proper think. Having a large number of applicants simply means a lot of paper work and many hours spent on unsuccessful job interviews. Don’t waste your time with the wrong candidates and turn your focus towards quality. A successful job posting is, after all, supposed to address only those people who meet all the criteria for the job position and whose skills would make them a valuable asset to your company.

Be specific

If there are tens of unsuitable candidates applying for your job vacancy, the job posting might just be way too general. It is important to detail the job description along with responsibilities, and to outline the expectations you have from your future employee. In this way, you won’t be wasting your time with those applicants who might get unpleasantly surprised by these facts at the actual job interview. Also, don’t forget to use keywords which will help your job ad to be spotted by the exact target group of candidates that you are looking for.

Don’t look for bricklayers on LinkedIn

The success of your job ad can also be influenced by the job portal on which you advertise. You would surely struggle to find a director of a multinational company through a job posting published in newspapers or on advertisement websites which are mainly aimed at the sale of goods. Have a good think about where you have the best chance of finding the applicants that you need.

Advertise on more job portals from one place

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time by adding job ads on various job portals, advertise on several portals from one place with RECRU HR Software and save at least 50% of your time. In addition to other sophisticated features, RECRU offers you the option to advertise on more than 1900 job portals in a few clicks. These include for example LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs, Xing and many more. Create a job ad directly in RECRU and then simply select the portals you wish to advertise it on. Extend your reach in a quick and easy way with RECRU and find the right candidate – even on the other side of the world.

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