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Find the ideal candidate 50% faster

Are you wasting your time with tiring interviews with candidates who don’t actually suit the position at all?

Leave jobseeker selection to artificial intelligence and dedicate your time only to the best candidates. Using predictive selection, RECRU Premium can estimate the percentage at which a candidate is the right one for you. Based on your selected criteria for a job position, it automatically tests and evaluates the suitability of the candidates in your database. Thanks to a unique plugin, RECRU is the only HR software to offer you this candidate evaluation also directly on job portals. Don’t get held up by communication with unsuitable candidates and save up to 50% of your time.

Do you like each way bets and refuse to waste even a minute of your time? Reduce the circle of selected candidates with testing  using your own or external tests  and take advantage of the opportunity to extend your reach with direct advertising from RECRU on more than 1700 job portals. As a result of full automation, none of these processes will take you more than a minute. Explore other great features of the Premium package here.


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