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Complex solution for your HR

Find everything in one place. RECRU is not just a recruitment system, but it will also help you to manage the HR department in your company. You will find all information about your employees in one place.


Candidate and employee database

Display the required information by a single click. The database offers you a list of all contacts you have been in touch with – employees, candidates, clients.


Projects, selection procedures

Create your own selection procedures. Set the necessary requirements, invite your colleagues. You manage and follow the progress of your projects.


Mass document management

Create templates of all documents you need. Creating mass contracts and other documents has never been this easy. When you create a template, the data about employees will be loaded in the documents by a single click.


Automatic GDPR management

Keep GDPR consents under control. RECRU tracks consent expiration in all employees and candidates. It automatically sends consent requests, as well as consent renewal requests and informs you about the candidates whose GDPR consent has expired.

Evaluation of candidates’ suitability

Make use of predictive selection and let RECRU work for you. RECRU automatically tests and evaluates which candidates meet the requirements of your projects and saves your time.

Direct advertising on job portals

Save the time spent publishing job offers. Publish your job offers by a single click to portals and social media sites such as Jobs, Kariéra, LMC, LinkedIn, Facebook or your company website.

CV analysis and full-text search

Integrate artificial intelligence. All you need to do is to insert CV’s and RECRU will read them and analyze their content. When you then enter a keyword, all suitable candidates will be shown.

LinkedIn plug-in

Keep track of who you already have in your database. Directly from LinkedIn you can see which candidates you have in your system and which you don’t. You can also create candidate’s profile in RECRU by a single click. All you need to do is to simply drop his/her CV into plugin.


Searching according to tags and their relevance

Set the criteria which are crucial for you. With the use of tags, you can simply search and filter among candidates. Set tags relevance or seniority for your selection procedures. The system will also recognize synonyms and find suitable candidates in the database within a second.


Our own CV parser

Let RECRU work for you. When uploading a CV, motivation letter or contact details, the system automatically recognizes contacts, names and other data and sorts them into respective categories.

Mobile application

Save the time spent saving contacts and manage them whenever necessary. You can simply dial a phone number or send mass SMS messages from RECRU. When you have an incoming call from a candidate, you can open their profile by a single click, so you will see all information about the candidate straight away.


Online testing

Include online tests in your recruitment process. Directly in RECRU, you can create your own tests or use external tests from TCC online. You can send the test to candidates by a single click and all data will be recorded in the system.


Intranet for HR

Share everything you need with your company colleagues. Intranet serves as a board of company announcements and library of all regulations, manuals and other information. Share documents, statistics, current announcements or contact each other in discussion groups.


Statistics and reports

Get well-arranged overview of your work. Make use of modules such as event statistics, HR team efficiency or project statistics. If you wish, we can also create specific statistics tailored to your needs according to the criteria which are important for you.



Keep track of your working time. The calendar serves as a common coordination tool for the whole work team. The calendar event also include your contacts so you don’t need to waste time doing an extra search if you want to, for example, update info about a meeting.


Solution tailored to your needs

Whether you are a growing company or a corporate, we are ready for your requirements. We will adjust RECRU to your needs and rules. Work processes, modules and visual components will be customized according to your requirements.



E-mail, phone calls, SMS, mass mailing, Skype, chat, social media networks – thanks to RECRU, you have all the communication channels in one place.


Client support

Our support center is available if you need help. Contact us via e-mail, chat or telephone.



We offer the best price-performance ratio on the market. One license for 65€/months. With no, or very low implementation costs

Easy linking

With the use of API or XML feed, we will easily link RECRU with your employee attendance system or accounting system.

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