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A board of information, announcements, notices and work manuals of your company

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RECRU - Intranet


Invites, notifications of all the important company and internal events, trainings, courses and meetings.

All the important information of your company life with the prioritizing option

Notice board

New legislative pronouncements, important company notifications, information about events and important statistical indicators and results.

Let everyone in your company know about all the important events, show them plans and work performance and reward the best ones.

Discussion Groups

Suggestions and discussion about future events, internal team discussion groups, information basis for fast internal communication in groups

Plan, discuss, suggest. You can add, change and manage all the documents, plans and deadlines before your meetings.


Regulations, procedures, pronouncements and manuals clearly laid out for all your employees.

All the work-related documents in one place and all your employees have access to them.

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