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Everything you need for working effectively. The applicant, employee and client databases. Project management, contacts, correspondence. The settings are up to you.

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RECRU - Database


The database of applicants and potential employees, who are looking for the right job for them.

You can oversee the whole selection process and their career path, from their personal information, education, experience and contacts, to their assessment results. You have the access to all of them.


CV data is accessible through full-text search and the data is monitored used machine-learning technology for constant improvement of our services

Your search for the right candidates and employees can be done faster and more effectively using our intelligent search. The search can then be named and saved for later use.



Even the career path of an employee should be planned and managed

Here, you can find anything about the current and planned state and activities of your employees, their job positions, their training courses, engagement in projects, attendance and their potential for growth.


Skill descriptions of your contacts

The tags are defining skills, experience and levels of candidates.The more detailed description of tags, the easier and more efficient will their later search and use be

Selection process

Management of all the selection processes

You can oversee all the steps in the hiring process in real time. Monitor, plan, present and evaluate!


The overview of all the events and activities of your employees and candidates. You can see all the communication (phone, skype, text messages, emails) in the candidate’s profile recorded on a timeline. Monitor the incoming and outgoing communication in RECRU.


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