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Accept or reject?

Test your candidates before they are invited to an interview. Create your own tests in RECRU which will help you with your decision.

Testing candidates in the first stages of the selection process is a standard procedure. The candidate is expected to have certain knowledge, skills or personality traits which are required for the job position.

Thanks to RECRU you can test your candidates before they are invited to an interview – in this way you can reduce the circle of candidates that you will invite to an interview and save your time. Create your own tests which you will be able to send to one or more candidates in a project. External tests are also available in RECRU.

The questions in a test can be divided into several categories which will help you to keep track of areas at which the candidates excel, as well as those in which they lack some knowledge. In the test, it is possible to set default options of answers or open questions. Tests may also contain an image attachment.

RECRU will generate you the results of the test as a graphic overview which can be printed out. The advantage is that the answers of the candidates to open questions can be evaluated individually.

More information on RECRU can be found HERE.


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